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Kersten K-Series power units with hydraulic drive to wheels and PTO 5.5-9hp
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Price: £2,880.00
Kersten Two Wheel Tractor - User friendly - Surprisingly Capable. Ideal for the smaller premises, at home, or a contractor who requires a light, manageable machine to transport easily. Attachments for weed removal, snow clearance and artificial surfaces.
Price: £4,080.00
Kersten Two Wheel Tractor - Featuring superior hydraulic controls for greater dexterity and maneuverability. Great for smaller contractors, Schools, and sports facilities. Suited for artificial surfaces, weed removal and snow clearance applications.
Price: £5,040.00
Kersten Two Wheel Tractor - Greater power for the more professional user. An Ideal unit for larger sites, Housing Associations and jobs with longer hours of use. Attachments for gravel, weed removal, artificial surfaces and snow clearance.
Price: £5,994.00
Kersten Two Wheel Tractor - A Powerful workhorse for customers needing a machine they can use all day long! Ideal for Councils and Contractors carrying out maintenance tasks such as mowing, snow clearance, weed removal and artificial surface maintenance.


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