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Chemical Free Weed Control

Chemical Free Weed Control
The principle of thermal weed control is based on a basic biochemical principle: most proteins denature from a temperature of around 42c.  This means that proteins change, break up and can no longer fulfil their functions.  The heat required for this is generated by burning gas or oil and is implemented in different ways: directly as a flame or indirectly through thermal radiation, or as hot water or steam.  Of these, hot water is the only chemical-free method witch also reaches the roots.

Even if the roots are not completely destroyed immediately, the weeds are weakened further with every application of hot water.  If you carry out the application regularly from the start, regrowth is inhibited and the application frequency reduced considerably in the second year.  As a rule of thumb, three to four treatments per year are sufficient. 
For thorough weed removal: the WR 20 weed lance for use with a hot water high-pressure cleaner from Kärcher. Equipped with a 20-cm-wide nozzle bar and nozzle adaptor. For Use With Karcher HDS High Pressure Washers


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