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Log Splitters
Throw away your axe and get rid of the aches and pains from splitting logs. Let our quality log splitters do the hard work for you. It will split all types of wood including seasoned and greenwood.
Price: £795.00
A professional quality log splitter. This machine comes with a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard I/C 65 engine, powerful enough to split virtually any log.
Price: £189.99
Turning log chopping from a dangerous chore into a safe, easy automatic operation. Its fast quiet operation splits all logs including seasoned and green wood, meaning you can prepare, dry out and store logs at any time of the year.
Price: £19.99
For use with Handy's 4 tonne & 6 tonne electric log splitters
Price: £19.99
A multi-split splitting wedge splits the log in 4 different directions. This is very useful as it means you don’t have to keep splitting the same log over and over again to get the size you require. This 4 way splitting wedge is for the Handy THPLS7TE and THPLS7TP log splitters.
Price: £299.99
Get rid of your axe as well as all the aches and strains from splitting logs, let the Handy Log Splitter do the hard work, it will spilt all different types of logs including seasoned or greenwood.
Price: £395.00
The Handy Vertical electric log splitter is quiet, effective and efficient. The upright operation, gripping jaws and transport wheels make it easy to use and the two hand control levers make the log splitter safe to operate.
Price: £495.00
This heavy duty log splitter provides extreme 7 ton power, with the ease of use and maintenance of an electric machine.
Price: £99.00
With its 2400 watt motor the Impact Shredder will process your garden waste up to a diameter of 40mm, it will chip and shred small branches and leaves into a mulch that is useful all around the garden and will also chip larger branches to allow for quicker composting of the debris. It has a plunger for assisting the material on its journey to the cutters, its large wheels mean that the shredder is easily moved from one area of the garden to another. And, finally also included is the 50 litre debris bag so that you can easily deliver the waste to your compost bin.
Price: £49.95
The Handy log splitter stand brings your 4 and 6 ton horizontal log splitters to wait height for easier access and use.
Price: £129.00
The 8 ton ram force, manual, foot operated, heavy duty splitting wedge.


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