Use your machine for winter maintenance

Use your machine for winter maintenance

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Use your machine for winter maintenance!

The great thing about a multi-attachment machine is that it can be utilised all year round.
The Kersten two-wheel tractors can be fitted with snow chains and winter attachments to transform your machine into the ultimate winter companion for paths and car parks. The hydraulic drive is extremely useful for slowing the wheel speed to avoid slipping on the icy surface when using the winter attachments.
The snow sweeper - For light snow fall, the sweeper is a perfect tool and clears access paths quickly. The sweeper will deal with up to 5cm of snow quite easily by angling the brush and wind-rowing it. The gaps in the rows of bristles allow the sweeper to deal with the large volumes of material that need to be moved by the brush. When used on fresh snow the brush can sweep down to the surface dries quickly is therefore less likely to be slippery.
The snow plough - A snow plough attachment can be fitted to the K-series or UBS for dealing with heavier snow drifts. The snow plough is a straight blade with a sprung “break-back” system that allows it to ride over obstacles such as drain covers or speed bumps. The plough can be positioned for ploughing forward or can be angled to the left and right.
The salt spreader - A hydraulic drive salt spreader is available for the K-series machines, which can carry up to 70 litres of salt. The spreader is fitted with a mesh for breaking up large clumps of salt before they go through the machine. A special agitator has been designed to deal with damp salt, using a chain to break up the material. Guards allow the spread width to be adjusted to suit the application.
The snow blower – For deeper drifts of snow the UBS machines can be fitted with a snowblower. This uses a two-stage tooth and fan system to break up the snow and then pull it through the machine. The snow is then blown through a chute by the fan, the chute can be adjusted to place the snow in the desired direction. A snow blower requires at least a few inches of snow before it will work effectively.

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